Artificial grass in Bradford





Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is perfect when you cannot maintain a lawn or it struggles to grow due to poor light or soil in your location. It looks lush and green all year round, and drains well too, so it is great for recreation, children's play, and aesthetically.


Thames 40mm: £34.99

Severn 28mm: £22.99

Avon: £19.99

Trent 35mm: £29.99

Waveney 38mm: £31.99

At Handy Jack Trade Price Turf and Topsoil Ltd, we will supply a range of artificial turf soon. Keep an eye on this page so you can place your order for artificial turf with our helpful team. You can arrange to come and pick it up, or book in a time for delivery, to any location in West Yorkshire.



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